José Luis is an Aerospace engineer, pilot and flight test engineer.

Since 2015, when he suffered an aircraft accident, he has promoted the inclusion of people with disabilities in the aerospace sector.

As the founder of @newwingsfoundation , his aim is to help others to improve their quality of life by promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities, as well as working for equity in the new era of space exploration.

We were so glad to welcome José Luis to St. Mary’s School.
We feel so lucky for having the chance to listen to José Luis’ experience and his life’s philosophy, which highlights the importance of having a positive mindset in every situation.

We would like to thank not only @joseluis_deaugusto for showing us how can we face new challenges or how to adapt ourselves to new circumstances, but also to Carlos Montans Alonso, who made this possible.

Thank you very much for being such an inspiring person!

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